Behind the Scenes with Eva!

Brandi Love and Eva Long
Brandi Love and Eva Long

Exclusive interview with Eva Long of Women Seeking Women

Women Seeking Women 179 star Eva Long reveals exclusive details from behind the scenes at Girlfriends Films in this exclusive Girlfriends On the Scene interview. We asked Eva what it was like to work with veteran performer Brandi Love in their highly anticipated scene pairing, and her answers were as delightful as they were detailed. Read the full interview below.

Girlfriends on the Scene:

Eva Long in Women Seeking Women 179

Eva Long Women Seeking Women 179 Girlfriends Films
Eva Long


GFF: Prior to your scene with Brandi Love in the Girlfriends Films movie Women Seeking Women 179, had you ever worked together before?

EL: I had never had the pleasure of working with Brandi Love before this scene.


GFF: What were you looking forward to most about working with Brandi in this particular scene?

EL: When I received the call sheet and I read that my scene partner would be Brandi Love, I instantly became so excited. The chance to devour such a beautiful creature was what I was most looking forward to…I mean tell me how you’d feel??! She’s, gorgeous and experienced in the industry both huge turn-on to me!


GFF: Please give us 3 words to describe your scene with Brandi Love:

EL: The three words I’d use to describe our scene would be, passionate, sexy, and unforgettable.



Brandi Love and Eva Long
Brandi Love and Eva Long

GFF: What did you like most about being on set with Brandi and your interactions behind the scenes?

EL: The best thing about being on set with Brandi was how sweet, and completely genuine she was. We immediately introduced ourselves, hugged, and chatted. This was the first time we met. We instantly vibed and giggled through our first half hour or so. Both being mature women we definitely had common ground in our personal life, and in the industry, once we looked over the script we both felt confident this was going to be a great time! It was effortless behind the scenes which meant the same would happen on camera, and it did!


GFF: Tell us something about this scene with Brandi Love in Women Seeking Women that makes it unique and a must-see for fans.

EL: This scene is unique and a must see, because first off it’s milf on milf which doesn’t happen often enough. Brandi and I had instant chemistry and it shows. There’s a position we get in that is a first I believe for both of us where I’m on my back, legs spread, and then I elevate to where my pussy and Brandi’s tongue meet. INCREDIBLE. I’d bet everything in my bank account this scene will be remembered for a long time with that position being the highlight!! It’s in the top all-time scenes I’ve shot for sure!! Xo



***[Note: Full interview originally appeared in the Girlfriends Films Lesbian Times Winter Newsletter]***

Big Thank You to Eva Long for the interview!


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