Lesbian Glory Hole: Could it Actually Work?

Natalie Brooks and Penny Pax
Natalie Brooks and Penny Pax in Women Seeking Women

Our in-house columnist S.Tylene ponders the question


Recently, news broke of a Canadian province suggesting that the use of glory holes during the pandemic could be a safer way to have sex. Luckily, our own in-house columnist S.Tylene explored the concept of the lesbian glory hole in a past edition of the Girlfriends Films newsletter with an article on the hot topic, and here’s what she had to say:

Lesbian Glory Hole: Could it actually work?

So there’s quite the talk on rather or not lesbian “glory hole’s” are a thing or not. A glory hole nowadays doesn’t seem to be as talked about as it did back in the day, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist or that they aren’t being used. People like the thrill – to show up in a random place, a random room and do something that isn’t exactly on the bucket list for everyone – being frank, it can really get your adrenaline kicking. For heterosexuals, it comes easy: put your cock in the wall, and lets see how fast you can get a blow job. I know, I’m sure it doesn’t work THAT easy . . . but It’s definitely works easier than what it would for two women. I would suspect a Lesbian glory hole looks like any other glory hole in a wall or glory hole station. Granted I’m not sure of it giving the same pleasures, I can’t imagine it to not work.

Alex Coal and Karlee Grey Girlfriends Films
Alex Coal and Karlee Grey in Lesbian Seductions


If you want my honest opinion on what it would look like, it is this: A glory hole in the wall for lesbians gives a big enough access for your fist to fit through, with enough space for your wrist to move comfortably, so that when you hear a female on the other side begging to be fucked by you she can step up with enough room to have you slip your fingers right inside of her. I’ve been told that typically oral sex is offered through the glory hole but if we’re trying to play even here – lesbians have their best shot of knocking this off the bucket list through fingering. So in retrospect, sure. Lesbian Glory holes COULD work but I don’t think it would be the most scouted to do. I do want to take the time to express why we really don’t make more of an effort with them; well, in my opinion.


Lesbians have their best shot of knocking this off the bucket list through fingering.


Lesbians are wild when it comes to meeting one another, hooking up in a fast pace scene, and then leaving it for what it is. Why go out of your way to anonymously get fucked by a stranger through a wall when you can be present to the place you’re in, walk five feet to the

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Eliza Ibarra and Prinzzess in Lesbian Seductions

nearest bathroom – and still get the high ride of adrenaline by having sex with someone you’re just meeting and have no intention on ever seeing again? Yes, this is to be considered a one night stand and everyone does it (not just lesbians) but I think in a grand scheme of things the choice here is much better than making way for a lesbian glory hole. Females also like some type of emotional intimacy – so while sure, this is just for fun and you’re planning on never seeing each other again: you still have full blown body contact, kissing, hands on each others bodies, and much more room to make each other wet then what a glory hole could offer. Lesbians would choose this before they would choose to walk into a glory hole station.







The glory Hole for lesbians could work. Is it manageable? Yes. has is probably been done? I’d say more than likely. I just wouldn’t throw all my eggs in one basket to count on it as something that would be very common. – S. Tylene



***About S.Tylene: S.Tylene is a 27 year old, out and proud lesbian who was born and raised in Los Angeles,California. Identified among thousands of other gender-fluid millennials, she has attended multiple pride gatherings, newly presented HER events – taking on a position for the Long Beach HER team, and other popular LGBT gatherings in various cities and states.