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Lacy Lennon
Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon Directs and Stars in New Release Twisted Passions 31

Girlfriends Films is announcing the directorial debut of contract star Lacy Lennon. Lennon is credited as writer and director of the newest installment to the Twisted Passions all-girl series entitled Twisted Passions 31. This fetish-themed film features an all-star cast of new and returning performers including Keira Croft, Jenna Starr, Serene Siren, Summer Vixxxen, Marilyn Johnson, and Erin Everheart. Writer/director Lacy Lennon is also a cast member, performing in two scenes – the first, an anal scene with returning starlet Keira Croft (Lesbian Tutors 7, Please Make Me Lesbian 21), and the second with newcomer Jenna Starr who debuted with Girlfriends earlier this year in Lesbian Booty Calls. Lacy Lennon commented on the cast performances in each of the four incredible all-girl fetish themed scenes in this highly anticipated new release.

Lacy Lennon and Jenna Starr

Jenna Starr and Lacy Lennon
Jenna Starr and Lacy Lennon

Jenna Starr – Wow! I am honestly not really sure how we got our hands on her! What a sensational performer!” Lennon raved. “This scene was personally important to me. I’ve dated women who were bisexual and sometimes it hurt to know that a cock would put me out of the race. Dick envy is real. I know I am not the only person to have felt that before. The whole point of this scene is to show people that when you’re in a relationship that sometimes your partner is looking for something different. Yet why would anyone want to throw the whole relationship away? This scene screams that feelings are valid, validation is important, and so is consent. Great job, Jenna! She is an insatiable performer.

Lacy Lennon and Keira Croft

Keira Croft and Lacy Lennon
Keira Croft and Lacy Lennon

Working with Keira Croft for the anal scene was a personal choice of mine,” the director added. “Girlfriends doesn’t do anal very often, and I want to change that. We are in 2022 and anal is regular within my sex life. It is actually common, adding a whole new literal depth to people’s relationships. Sometimes anal can be intense. My goal was to show it in a fun and passionate way. Keira is truly a professional and incredible at what she does. I couldn’t have asked for a better scene partner.


Serene Siren and Summer Vixxxen

Summer Vixxxen and Serene Siren
Summer Vixxxen and Serene Siren

Serene Siren and Summer Vixen blew me away!” Lennon exclaimed. “Once again, I was personally thinking about true lesbian couples. Many people have no clue how to bring ropes, whips, or blindfolds into the bedroom. Serene is a fan favorite of many and a scorching, dominant woman while Summer is newer in the industry, which really helped with the authenticity of the scene. The girls delivered. They were full of smiles, and really handled what I threw at them very well. I’m proud of these ladies.”

Marilyn Johnson and Erin Everheart

Erin Everheart and Marilyn Johnson
Erin Everheart and Marilyn Johnson

Erin Everhart and Marilyn Johnson had probably the one fetish that most people have the most negativity about,” Lennon explained. “What I know is that Erin is a professional and very successful foot fetish model. Both of these ladies were statuesque and knew exactly how to attack the scene. Which was a relief as many girls would never be able to deliver a scene like they did. I asked for a romantic foot fetish scene, and they did that. I could not be happier.”

Moose, President of Girlfriends Films was thrilled to make the announcement of Lennon’s first directorial release. “We couldn’t be happier to see Lacy’s innovative ideas beginning to come to life. She is an amazing addition to the Girlfriends family and we can’t wait for fans to see more of her incredible work with us.”

Lacy Lennon
Lacy Lennon

It is an honor that I have been given such an incredible position with Girlfriends Films,” Lennon added. “My first film, I really wanted it to be exciting for our talent. I will say, that of course I was thinking of fans, but [also] I was thinking of our talent. Everyone is exhausted of being bored on set. It reads constantly, so with this first of many releases I was aiming for our female talent to have memorable days that they felt proud of – which was accomplished. I specifically wanted to do a fetish series, as I have an abundance of fetish fans who aren’t really catered to within mainstream adult entertainment. That was important to me, to try something new and different. When I write, I am not just thinking about men. I want real authentic lesbian couples to be able to relate to the scenes, and use us as a positive example when they want to explore further in the bedroom. Girlfriends Films is for men, woman, non binary, bisexuals, pansexuals, and literally everyone in the world. I will continue to do my best for Girlfriends Films. The opportunity I have been given will not be wasted. It is all a learning process and I am grateful for it. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women, who all gave more than a hundred percent. Thank you, Girlfriends Films. Thank you, Moose. And thank you to the supportive fans who will see the effort that we put into these scenes.

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Twisted Passions 31 | Lacy Lennon
Twisted Passions 31

Title: Twisted Passions 31

Studio: Girlfriends Films

Series: Twisted Passions

Director: Lacy Lennon

Producer: B. Skow

Writer: Lacy Lennon

Camera: Cody on Set

Cast: Lacy Lennon, Keira Croft, Jenna Starr, Serene Siren, Summer Vixxxen, Marilyn Johnson, Erin Everheart

Length: 3.5 Hours

Format: Video-on-Demand