Katie’s Take from Behind the Scenes!

Katie Kush
Katie Kush

Exclusive Interview with Bad Lesbian Star Katie Kush

Bad Lesbian starlet Katie Kush reveals insight from behind the scenes of her pairing with Karla Kush in an exclusive Girlfriends on the Scene interview. Go behind the scenes with Katie to learn more about her scene in Bad Lesbian 14, plus how the role compares to her part in the previous installment to Girlfriends Films bad-girl series, Bad Lesbian 13 with co-star Diana Grace. Read on for the full interview, previously published in the Spring/Summer 2021 Lesbian Times Newsletter. Read on for the full interview!


Girlfriends on the Scene: Bad Lesbian 14’s Katie Kush


Katie Kush
Katie Kush

GFF: This is your second appearance in a row in the Bad Lesbian series. How are your characters in Bad Lesbian 13 and Bad Lesbian 14 different (or similar)?

KK: My roles in Bad Lesbian 13 and 14 were completely different. In 13, a bit more submissive, shy and shocked when the sex ensued. In 14, I was more assertive and sassy, of course until Karla started dominating me and taking over control.

GFF: Which role do you think was more of a “Bad Lesbian,” in Episode 13 or 14?

KK: In my opinion they each had their own characteristics that made it a “Bad Lesbian” vibe. Episode 13 was [set] at work, so that makes it naughty. However, I would say Episode 14 was more of a “Bad Lesbian” vibe because Karla and Charlotte [portrayed] two crime-committing bad girls and I got to try and stand up for my friend, Penelope, and be a strong woman who ends up becoming very attracted to the “crime committing lesbian.” I find that to be more on the “Bad Girl” side, more mischievous.


GFF: Prior to your scene with Karla Kush in Bad Lesbian 14, had you ever worked together before?

KK: This was my first time having the honor of working with Karla Kush.

GFF: What were you looking forward to most about working with Karla in this scene?

KK: Working with Karla for the first time, I was looking forward to seeing how our chemistry would be together, and I found that chemistry to be very hot and passionate.

Katie Kush
Katie Kush

GFF: Please give us three words to describe your new scene in Bad Lesbian 14.

KK: Three words that describe my new scene is Bad Lesbian 14 are:

GFF: What did you like most about being on the Girlfriends Films set, and your interactions behind the scenes?

KK: I love shooting for Girlfriends Films any chance I get. The energy on set is always positive, everyone is always treated well and taken care of. We all share good laughs and create amazing memories. Thank you for always providing a comfortable safe space for work and creativity.

GFF: Is there anything about this scene in Bad Lesbian that makes it unique and a must-see for fans?

KK: This scene is a MUST see because it is the first time the Kush’s have shot a scene together and the chemistry between us both was VERY energetic.


*** BIG THANK YOU! To Katie Kush for the interview ***


Be sure to catch this first-time pairing of Katie Kush and Karla Kush in Bad Lesbian 14 from Girlfriends Films!