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Crystal Chase and Octavia Red
Crystal Chase and Octavia Red

Girlfriends Films Presents Lesbian Girl Play 3 on Demand

Girlfriends Films is announcing the on demand release of Lesbian Girl Play 3. Featuring a star-studded cast including headliners Serene Siren, Tiffany Watson, and Crystal Rush, returning new performers Octavia Red, JC Wilds, and Fiona Frost, and debut starlets Crystal Chase and Sage Pillar. Meet the cast, see who’s paired together, plus get an exclusive look behind the scenes of this ‘playful’ third installment to director B. Skow’s newest series.

Meet the ‘Lesbian Girl Play 3’ Cast

Lesbian Girl Play 3: Behind the Scenes

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Sneak Previews of Lesbian Girl Play 3

Don’t miss the sneak preview trailers for Lesbian Girl Play 3 now playing on our Youtube Channel:

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Lesbian Girl Play 3 | Girlfriends Films
Lesbian Girl Play 3

Title: Lesbian Girl Play 3

Series: Lesbian Girl Play

Director: B. Skow

Studio: Girlfriends Films

Cast: Octavia Red, Crystal Chase, JC Wilds, Fiona Frost, Serene Siren, Tiffany Watson, Sage Pillar, Crystal Rush