Fall for the New ‘Bad Lesbians’

Serene Siren
Serene Siren

Sneak a Peek at Upcoming Release Bad Lesbian 16

Girlfriends Films presents an exclusive first look at trailers for upcoming new release Bad Lesbian 16. This film is highlighted by performances by 2021 contract star Serene Siren, returning starlets Delilah Day and Theodora Day, and features an array of debut performers including Ailee Anne, Ariel Darling, Bella Blu, Jesse Pony, and Sarah Taylor. See all four of the sneak preview trailers now streaming from our Youtube Channel:

Delilah Day and Jesse Pony

Theodora Day and Ariel Darling

Sarah Taylor and Ailee Anne

Serene Siren and Bella Blu

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Bad Lesbian 16
Bad Lesbian 16

Title: Bad Lesbian 16

Studio: Girlfriends Films

Director: B. Skow

Series: Bad Lesbian

Cast: Delilah Day, Jesse Pony, Ariel Darling, Theodora Day, Bella Blu, Serene Siren, Ailee Anne, Sarah Taylor