Quarantined Together?

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Our in-house lesbian sex expert Stylene offers quarantine tips for couples

Still quarantined inside with your significant other? Our resident expert in lesbian relationships, Stylene may have some insight on how to keep your Covid relationship alive as the stay-at-home directives continue. She offers these tips for couples living together in quarantine:


Ways to keep your relationship alive when you’re in quarantine together

A friend of mine recently asked if I thought it was selfish of her to want more of her boyfriend’s attention because they’re both home and currently in quarantine together. At first I didn’t understand her question, it took me a minute to get what she was really asking, and then it hit me. I asked myself this question: What are some ways to keep your significant other wanting you when you’re stuck at home with no space from one another? How do you keep things hot and heavy during the stress of it all without letting that spark die out?


I currently attend school online, so my days haven’t shifted much, but my girlfriend is working from home as her job has shut its offices down due to the pandemic. It can get challenging to keep things hot and heavy when we are always next to one another. Things get stagnant, the routine gets comfortable, but does that mean we’ve lost all desire and attraction? Absolutely not.


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One way to keep things alive during this time is to separate into different rooms so you don’t feel like you’re on top of one another throughout the day. Treat your day as if it was a work day, and by doing this you can turn it into a fun little game of sexting. Work each other up and think about the anticipation you’re building from the room right next door. Let her know you can’t stop thinking about her body pressed on yours and how it feels when she gets wet for you. The minor change of have a separate space, even under the same roof, will help.


We all know Netflix and Hulu and Amazon have some great shows that can be watched together, but you can only watch a series for so long. Now is the perfect time to pick out that porn you’ve been talking about watching together and just do it. Watching porn together can lead you into not only have sex on the spot, but it can also give you multiple new positions to try. (I personally recommend this one, as it can help with role-playing as well.)


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What we’re all going through is hard, but we shouldn’t take for granted the time we have to do the things we can, that we otherwise wouldn’t have time for. With that being said, have some shower sex in the afternoon. The afternoon seems to be the busiest time, when everyone is on the go and no one knows when to stop. When else will you have this opportunity? Shower sex is the perfect way to get dirty, be rough, and instantly feel clean.


As I’ve searched for some more ways to stay active during this time, I’ve noticed many people doing couples yoga – a great way to stay connected. But why not try couples yoga naked? Not only does it build trust and intimacy, but it allows you to relax your mind and take in the moment together without any other worries.


Lastly, communicate openly about the space you need while being together. When you’re able to take alone time for yourself, you’re able to give back to your partner in a healthy way. And when you both feel like you’ve been given the space you need, you will then have a space that allows you to continuously try new things together.


With the Covid-19 pandemic the world is facing, there is great deal of uncertainty for many on what’s to come. It’s important that during this time we try to remember the things that are in our control and the things that aren’t. Though many of us are under a great deal of stress and worry, this will not change the circumstances of what is happening. Be good to yourself during this time, do something new at home that you typically wouldn’t have the time to do, enjoy the fresh-air you typically couldn’t get being in an office all day, and above all remember that most everything around you is at a halt, which means now is the perfect time for you to slow down, too.


***About S.Tylene: S.Tylene is a 27 year old, out and proud lesbian who was born and raised in Los Angeles,California. Identified among thousands of other gender-fluid millennials, she has attended multiple pride gatherings, newly presented HER events – taking on a position for the Long Beach HER team, and other popular LGBT gatherings in various cities and states.***

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