Serene and Alyx!

Serene Siren and Alyx Star
Serene Siren and Alyx Star

Girlfriends Announces New Contract Stars Serene Siren and Alyx Star

Girlfriends Films is thrilled to announce the addition of two new contract stars! Veteran writer, director, and actress Serene Siren officially joins the Girlfriends family under a Girl/Girl exclusive agreement, along with newcomer Alyx Star who has appeared in several titles this year, with more to come.

Fleshbot’s Holly Kingstown broke the story yesterday in an exclusive feature at prompting a virtual flood of congratulations and well-wishes for the starlets in their new endeavor. Serene and Alyx are two of three G/G starlets to align with Girlfriends Films this summer, joining Aubree Valentine who became a Girlfriends contract star in July.


Congratulations Serene!

Serene Siren | Girlfriends Films contract star
Serene Siren | Girlfriends Films

Serene Siren has appeared in nearly 40 Girlfriends titles to date, including signature all-girl series, compilations, and her own original, award-nominated feature films including Fit Chick Clique, Yogasms, and Alien Rhapsody. Her latest release with GFF entitled Lesbian Tutors 8 is currently in the No. 1 spot at Hot Movies.


Welcome Alyx!

Alyx Star | Girlfriends Films
Alyx Star | Girlfriends Films

Alyx Star first appeared with Girlfriends in Bad Lesbian 13 and she has since taken on roles in some of GFF‘s most popular series including Lesbian Triangles, Lesbian House Hunters, and flagship saga Women Seeking Women. Her scene with Daisy Stone in Lesbian House Hunters 20 recently earned a high-scoring Top Rated scene review from Don Juan DeMarko of XCritic.


Alyx and Serene will be paired together for the first time in upcoming release Lesbian Step-Daughters 3.

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Be sure to read the full story at Fleshbot for more announcements, interviews, commentary from Girlfriends Films’ President Moose, and exciting special offers! And stay on the lookout for amazing new scenes featuring Serene Siren, Alyx Star, and Aubree Valentine for Girlfriends Films!

Girlfriends Films contract stars
Girlfriends Films New Contract Stars


Serene Siren and Alyx Star’s All-Girl Scenes Are Now Exclusive To Girlfriends Films